Half of parolees return to prison, but we believe there’s a way out for life.

Exodus.Life believes a significant number of returning offenders would not recidivate if they were equipped with a specific set of life skills, had a career plan and were supported during their transition. Studies show that recidivism (and addictive behavior) decreases as education, employment and community involvement increases. Based on this conviction, Exodus.Life is committed to supporting three phases an individual must navigate in to make a successful return to society: Education; Building a Community Network and Restoration (experiencing a successful life).


A rigorous 3 month experience that gives our students a mindset and plan to stay out for life.


A support system to help Exodus Academy graduates begin the move back to “life.”


A learning community partnering to train and restore academy students to our communities.


We see a better Arkansas by returning paroled offenders as fully restored citizens; ready and equipped to strengthen the social, economic, moral and spiritual fabric of their communities.

Partnering with education, government, and faith communities to reduce recidivism.

Exodus.Life believes many could be fully restored as productive individuals through an integrated structure of in-prison preparation, focused transitional living and active community support – all engaging Christ-followers and their Churches Further, we believe the overall health of Arkansas communities, economically, socially and spiritually will be lifted significantly when these returning citizens are fully restored and investing in turn toward preventing the incarceration of others.

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Mallory Weaver - Academy Director
Mallory Weaver – Academy Director
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Amanda Tropf – Financials & Marketing Manager
Brenda Douglas - Office Manager
Brenda Douglas – Office Manager
Ed C. Appler III, LCSW - Clinical Director
Ed C. Appler III, LCSW – Clinical Director


THE ACADEMY: Selected candidates will spend the last 3-4 months of their sentence as ‘students’ at the Academy. Currently, students from the Little Rock ACC Men’s unit will be enrolled in Academy classes on the Hope Campus in Southwest Little Rock. Students from the Malvern Omega Men’s Unit will be enrolled in Academy classes held in the unit. We are currently piloting classes in the ACC Women’s Unit in West Memphis. All campuses receive intense instruction in 4 streams of study that are proven to be essential for successful reentry.

THE INTERVIEW: Candidates who are interested in the Exodus Project’s Academy will be interviewed for admission. We look specifically for individuals who are highly motivated to change their lives and are willing to do anything to make that change happen.


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A Student’s Path

  1. The Exodus Academy
  2. Before The Exodus Academy
  3. Weeks 1-4: Change Is Possible
  4. Weeks 5-8: Real Change Occurs
  5. Weeks 9-12: Hope for the Future
  6. Graduation
  7. After The Exodus Academy and Release



Developing a code of moral conduct and patterns based on the way of Jesus and the early church.


Only 56% on parole find full time employment. We help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset, skills for full time employment, and a plan for a future career.


Our students learn how to use their time, money, talent, and relationships to create value for themselves and their community.


Work the 12 Steps and begin to understand them as a series of decisions that lead to healthy living.


EXODUS.LIFE not only provides education but also case management services for interested graduates and others in the community. Together they work through strategies to address their recovery needs, housing and employment opportunities. Exodus.Life partners with other service providers and volunteers in the community to help solve these problems. In the process, the graduates get the opportunity to develop a true support network. Mr. Ed Appler, LCSW is the Exodus Clinical Director and provides case management services.


  • Assessment
  • Goal planning
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Resource referral
  • Support systems
  • Crisis management
  • Advocacy


For the greater part of my life I have struggled with self-image issues and substance abuse. Something my upbringing simply couldn’t correct. My late twenties was a combination of chaos and jail. Relentlessly wanting something different in my life but never knowing how to get there on my own. In 2016 when I was released from prison I had made up my mind that things would be different. I had no idea that shortly after I would be introduced to an amazing group of people, who not only understood my exact situation but welcomed me in to their network with open arms. Exodus.Life has changed my life in so many ways. Now I have confidence in my self, a new perspective on life, and hope for my future.





The addiction to drugs is affecting so many Arkansans. Pain, loss, jail, and sometimes death. Saving a Generation: Out for Life, documented by THV11’s Laura Monteverdi and photojournalist Breandan Conyers, gives a glimpse into the lives of four men as they work to take back their lives from the strongholds of addiction and prepare for life after prison.

Part One: Journey to Exodus

Part Two: Ms. Kathy "From Healing to Hope"

Part Three: Catfish "Tattoos and Testimonies"

Part Four: Finding Freedom

Part Five: "I'll be out for life"


This journey is not an easy one, as former inmates face many obstacles to full integration into the community.  Broken relationships, possible destructive behaviors and the need to cover basic living expenses are all enormous challenges for parolees desiring a second chance. A healthy, committed support network is an absolute.

To facilitate the formation of new supporting communities, Exodus.Life “recovery coaches” provide case management services for interested graduates. Together with the parole process, they work through strategies to address their recovery need, housing and employment opportunity. The Exodus Project partners with other service providers and volunteers in the community to help solve these problems. In the process, the graduates get the opportunity to develop a true support network.


A Network Seeking the Welfare of Our Cities


Learning together how to best help our returning citizens . . . and hire them . . . and disciple them!  Exodus.Life will be facilitating conferences, roundtables, online learning, organizational consulting, and local training for Exodus.Life partners.  We have friendships regionally and nationally with expert practitioners in the church, business and non-profit worlds, and we learn from them and from one another.


Partners are resourced with the best programs, practices, materials, systems and processes as they emerge from the network.  When requested, we will conduct local training so you can continue to build into the foundations we’ve laid at the Academy.  We will function like an “open source” platform – everything we learn and every resource and training we create or uncover will be shared freely with partners of Exodus.Life.


Make a donation to Exodus.Life using your credit or debit card, or your PayPal account. Your contribution helps us close the gap between the modest income we receive through programs and the true cost of quality re-entry programming that makes a difference in lives and communities.

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